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  1. CIC Emulator for 04-2011 E Series BMW w/ Retrofit Harness

    CIC Emulator for 04-2011 E Series BMW w/ Retrofit Harness


    CIC Emulator for E Series Vehicles with Retrofit Harness. Learn More
  2. 2004-2008 BMW 5 & 6 Series iPod Retrofit

    2004-2008 BMW 5 & 6 Series iPod Retrofit


    This retrofit integrates the Apple iPod with the BMW audio system and allows you to control and listen to your iPod music collection by using the vehicle's radio and steering wheel controls. The interface is compatible with 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation iPods. This device cannot be used in conjunction with the optional six-disc CD player/changer or factory-installed USB/iPod interface. Learn More
  3. Bavsound Ghost Subwoofer System

    Bavsound Ghost Subwoofer System


    • No expensive, complex additional amplifiers, wiring, hardware, or equipment required
    • Includes every single thing you need (except basic hand tools tools)
    • Do-it-yourself installation in less than an 90 minutes, even for a novice
    • Keep every single inch of your trunk

    100% PLUG & PLAY
    Installs and fits just like your factory BMW woofers, right down to the bolts and factory style plug. (NOTE: Vehicles with “Base” audio systems require slight modification to factory enclosure that add mere minutes to installation)
    Your factory underseat woofers aren't just subwoofers; they're midbass drivers. That means they play not just the lowest frequencies, but also "punchy" midbass frequencies like snare drums and high bass guitar notes.
    Unlike our woofers, which are designed to outperform the factory woofers for both subwoofer and midbass frequencies, other underseat subwoofer upgrades on the market are only capable of playing sub frequencies, not midbass, so you miss a huge portion of the frequency range.

    We utilize your factory amplifier to generate amazing bass response in your BMW. To do so, we've designed our woofers using technologies like oversized neodymium magnets and lightweight poly cone to maximize every watt of power they generate and translate that into raw output. That means amazing bass response without replacing your amplifier.


    Learn More
  4. CIC Programming/Activation

    CIC Programming/Activation


    We are happy to provide the option for customers to send in their CIC Unit for hardware activation. This process will allow us to activate your CIC for plug-and-play use, and does not use external emulators. Another huge benefit is that it retains the factory wiring and components, making installation a total breeze. After all is said and done, the CIC will work exactly as if your vehicle was equipped with it from the factory! You will have working voice control and navigation. This also includes a full software update to the operating system software in the navigation system, making it ready for future additions such as the Combox Retrofit and BMW Apps/Connected Drive. This also includes updating the maps to the 2019 version if you select this option during checkout. Please Note: In the majority of cases we are able to perform this programming remotely. In the case that your navigation system has an older software version, the CIC Unit will have to be mailed in to our local facility! An email with shipping instructions will be emailed after your order is placed. The shipping charges incurred at checkout are for the RETURN shipping to you. Turn around time is one business day. Please select the shipping speed you would like for the return shipment. Learn More
  5. Multimedia Interface Kit + Rear View Camera Package

    Multimedia Interface Kit + Rear View Camera Package


    Out of stock

    We are happy to provide a backup camera retrofit with full OEM integration. Our retrofit is plug-and-play and functions as if it came out of the factory. Does not require cutting, tapping, splicing, or soldering. The multimedia interface supplied contains three video inputs and one video output enabling you to connect additional devices. You can switch between inputs with your factory iDrive controller. Our camera system retrofit features dynamic parking lines and obstacle detection on PDC equipped vehicles (not pictured). Compatible Vehicles: 1, 3, 5 series (~2008) and X5,X6 1, 3, 5, 7 series (2009~) Package Contains: Rear View Camera Multimedia Interface Module Plug and Play Harness Installation Manual Learn More
  6. Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Activation

    Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Activation


    We offer remote Sirius activation for vehicles with the 693 option. The activation will enable Sirius Satellite radio for vehicles 2010+ with the proper preparation from the factory. The remote activation also includes a one-year subscription to Sirius for newly activated radios. The activation is performed remotely and we'll provide the necessary download links. The overall process should take a little under an hour. If you're unsure on whether your car has option 693, please contact us. NOTE: Satellite Ready Vehicles: 1 Series (E82/E88) w/ Nav (SA609) - Vehicle Production Date 09/09~ 3 Series (E9X) w/ Nav (SA609) - Vehicle Production Date 09/09~ Z4 (E89) w/ Navigation (SA609) - Vehicle Production Date 09/09~ X5 (E70) - Vehicle Production Date 10/09~ X6 (E71) - Vehicle Production Date 10/09~ 5 Series GT (F07) - SOP & Later 7 Series (F01/F02/G11/G12) - 09/09~ 1-Series (F20/F21) 3-Series (F3X, Gxx) 4-Series (F3X, Gxx) 5-Series (F1X, Gxx) 6-Series (F1X) 8-Seres (Gxx) M3 & M4 (F8X) X1 (F48) X3 (F25,G01) X4 (G02) X5/X6 (F15/F16/F85/F86) X7 (G07) Mini Cooper 2012-2017 Once you place an order for this, we will place an order with BMW for the satellite radio activation code which will be uploaded to your vehicle. Once this code is received from BMW, your order is NOT REFUNDABLE.

    If you do not have an Ethernet port on your laptop, you can purchase a USB to Ethernet adapter online. E series vehicles may use MAC or PC and only require a standard USB port for connecting to the vehicle. If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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  7. Connected Drive Retrofit / BMW Apps

    Connected Drive Retrofit / BMW Apps


    Ready to activate BMW Apps in your BMW? This exciting retrofit kit opens up your world to controlling your favorite Apple and Android smartphone apps right from your BMW’s iDrive display. Get up-to-the-second status updates from your social network wherever your mobile network goes. Search thousands of web radio stations by genre, country, or popularity. Listen to your social messages over your car’s audio system using built-in text-to-speech. Even send pre-defined Facebook and Twitter messages through the system. The BMW Apps Retrofit features genuine factory activation specifically for your vehicle and gives you dashboard access to such BMW Connected and 3rd-party apps as: • Facebook • Twitter • Calendar • Web Radio • Pandora Integration • BMW M-Lap Timer • ECO PRO analyzer • Last mile navigation • Go-Pro App • Spotify • Yelp • Wiki Local • MOG • AUPEO! • Audible • Glympse • Rhapsody • TuneIn • Third-Party BMW Apps We also offer 6NF at an additional price and includes: • BMW Plug-In (Genius, album art, compiling playlists, etc. that are available on iPod) • Video Streaming from iPod/iPhone • Video In-Motion Requirements: - CIC Navigation Professional and Combox or NBT Navigation Professional - USB/AUX interface - Compatible Internet-connected device (iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod Touch 4 or newer, Android in BMWs July 2013 or newer) - Free BMW Connected app Download the free BMW Connected app from App Store or Android Market and check the services available for you and your location. To learn more, click this link.

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