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How does remote coding work?

Remote coding is a fairly simple process. We send you a cable and a flash drive/DVD loaded with the coding files. Once you have this, and after setting up the files, the coding session begins. We provide instructions on how to do this, or we can set up the files for you if you wish. Only basic computer skills are required, (copying files from the flash drive/DVD and joining network) and we take it from there.

  1. DME Repair / Replacement / Cloning Services

    DME Repair / Replacement / Cloning Services


    Is your car not starting or are you having fault codes or errors that you think might be the result of a bad engine computer? If so, please contact us with the symptoms you're experiencing and we'll help determine if it's a DME related issue. Note this is a custom programmed control unit to your VIN and there are no returns! Your old unit will be retained for recycling. This includes the replacement unit for your vehicle. Ensure to check that we have a replacement unit for you in stock prior to ordering. You can also elect to supply your own replacement and send both control units. Learn More