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  1. Race Seat MRS Airbag Elimination Coding

    Race Seat MRS Airbag Elimination Coding


    Have you installed BMW Performance Seats or non factory raceseats on your BMW M3, M5, or M6? Is your vehicle displaying Malfunctuion Restraint System Errors and Warnings as a result? If so, you're probably looking for MRS Elimination Coding. We can remove the MRS error for you, that way you can drive your track-ready BMW fault-free. This activation requires no aftermarket modules, snipping of wires, soldering, or hardware modifications. The MRS elimination coding also includes our standard feature coding. Below you can configure your own coding session with one of our professional coders. The options are endless and the list of categories is just the tip of the iceberg. Categories of coding: • Lighting related • Airbag & restraint related • Car access related • iDrive related • Cluster related • Performance related Ships with: • OBDII to USB cable (Additional $100) • Software Downloads or DVD's Coding includes: • Analysis of error codes • Optional clearing of error codes • Full Diagnostics of your vehicle Learn More