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Performance Engine Software - BMW E9x M3 - 2007-2013

Performance Engine Software - BMW E9x M3 - 2007-2013

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My experience moving from a Dinan's "Racing" to BPM Sport tune Review by hoeferland
Hi everyone,

It's been a little over two months now since I worked with Mike Benvo at BPM Sport to move from a Dinan's "Racing" to BPM Sport tune, and I couldn't be happier with the change. It took me several months of research to decide on what tuner to work with and I am very, very happy with the support I received before and after with Mike. Before I talk about the new tune, I am going to provide you with a bit of background on the whole cluster-muck of an experience I had with my Dinan "Racing" tune to give you a feel why I've been so happy since the change.

Quick background on the performance changes on my ride:
2008 E90 M3
AA Full Signature Cat-less X-Pipe and Exhaust
AA HF Air Filter
AA Short Shift
Eibach Springs + E36 Bumps

In Feb, 2011 I worked with BMW of Portland to flash my car to Dinan's "Racing" tune, because I was convinced it would be the safest and smoothest route while the car was under the existing factory warranty. From the first day I picked up the car after the tune I confronted with serval "behaviors," including the acute onset of a very rough and un-driveable cold start whenever the car sat for more than an hour. During the cold start folks would have to plug their ears if they were standing towards the rear of the car, and I can pretty much guarantee that most of my neighbors became acutely aware of what time I leave for work every day. I took the car back to the dealer 3 or 4 times during the next two years to trouble-shoot the cold start as well as rough idling and overly-rich symptoms I was experiencing, and I continued to get back my car with the same behaviors even after it had been "re-flashed" repeatedly by the dealer.

Of all of the behaviors the cold start was by far the most pronounced and really undermined my family's enjoyment and usage of the M3. Over time we began to avoid using it during the weekends, because we rarely wanted to wait the 2 to 3 minutes for the car to cycle through the cold start and become drivable. Additionally, starting the car late at night or early in the AM was a surefire way to get a few nasty stares the next time I went to get the mail at the mailbox. At work I rarely wanted to drive it during the day between meetings (I work at a company with an extended campus) and my car was nicknamed "rumble box" by a few of my friends. I am providing this background, because I want to emphasis (1) how frustrated I had become with my car, because of the way it was running, (2) how much that can have an affect on the way you use your car, and (3) why it can be so difficult to want to go out on the ledge to try out a new tune when your previous tune has left you feeling less that stellar about the whole experience.

I spent nearly 3 months reading postings on this forum and calling to interview tuners around the country. I'm not going to walk through the list, but at the end of the day I wanted to be as sure as possible that whoever I worked with would be able to address my concerns and fears as well as deliver a new tune that would address my cold start, rough idle, and overall driving experience concerns. I'm not sure what everyone's budgeting situation is like, but it took a ton of convincing to get my wife to want to invest our $ into another tune, when the previous investment had pretty much bombed out. Luckily she was willing to take a leap of faith with me and said "yes" to moving forward with the re-tune.

I became aware of BPM Sport and Mike Benvo by reading through peer postings on this forum and was particularly interested in working with Mike after so many folks (1) moved from existing tunes to at BPM Sport tune, and (2) commented on how much they enjoyed the process of working with Mike. Mike took the time to have 5 or 6 conversations with me before I decided to move forward with the BPM Sport tune, and it was his honest and candid feedback that sold me on working with him and BPM Sport. Still, after two years of living with my Dinan tune I was skeptical on whether or not the change would be as pronounced as promised.

The whole process of working with Mike to complete the tune straight forward and it was interesting to re-tune my car from my garage without having to make a trip anywhere. We ran into a few issues along the way (mostly due to using my MacBook while running Fusion for Windows), but we were able to troubleshoot all of them and completed the re-tune after 2.5 hours. I then took my car out for a maiden voyage and was immediately struck by how smooth and more pronounced the power delivery was across the whole RPM range (especially when the M Sport mode was engaged). Mike stayed on the line throughout the whole experienced and listened to me hoot and howler as I experienced the new driving dynamic of the car.

But, the true test of the BPM Sport tune came the next day when it was time to start my car after letting it sit over night. I eagerly jumped into my car the next morning, crossed my fingers and started it up and was pleasantly greeted by a normal, smooth, and cold-start-less experience that brought a huge smile to my face (and I am sure sighs of relief from my neighbors). I pulled the car out of the garage and ran up stairs to tell my wife. Her comment was "did you start the car yet?" Mine was "Hell yes I did and it's spectacular!"

During the next week my wife took the car to the gym in the morning to try out the new experience and sent me a string of texts along the way (we'll presume she stopped of course, because no one would text while driving in Oregon...) saying how excited and pleased she was by the change in the cold start as well as the driving dynamic of the car. I think the biggest compliment and confirmation came when she said that she "was so happy we did the new tune," because it made me feel as if I had spent our $ wisely and found the right tuning partner for the change.

It's been two months since the re-tune and I am 100% satisfied with the change and continued support I've received from Mike. So far I am experiencing:

1. No cold start and a smooth and stable idle
2. Better and smoother (butt dyno tested) power delivery and driving experience
3. Better gas milage
4. Better overall quality of life with my M3

Without a doubt I recommend BPM Sport and Mike Benvo, and can say for sure that it kicked the crap out of my Dinan tune! (Posted on 11/6/14)
BPMSport tune review (yes, another one) Review by CanAutM3
So I have had the BPMSport tune and code done about a month ago. I wanted to live with the tune for a little on both the daily drive and the track before I posted a review. I know there have been many reviews, but I still thought I should share my impressions. I will also share my views on Euro vs US MDM. So here goes:

As many have said, the customer service is really good. I only have an iMac at home and no garage (I know, a car buff without a garage ), so I had to do a funky setup with a coffee table and the 21” iMac installed beside the car. I got all sorts of funny stares from many passersby . The coding and tune took less than one hour and it was a pleasure dealing with Mike .

The coding I got mostly for the Euro-MDM. The other features Mike did for me were simply an added bonus; but in the end, they still make the car more enjoyable .

Daily drive
The car feels much better with the tune . The engine sounds deeper and much more refined when cruising, almost quieter. But when you open the throttles it sounds more aggressive and sharper than before, “angry” seems to be the most appropriate term. The revised throttle mapping, both in normal and sport, also feels more natural compared to the stock setup. I just realized I never tried Sport+ since the tune, however I don’t think I will really need it. The engine just feels more responsive and is more enjoyable driving around. From the seat of the pants, the car definitely feels torquier in the mid range. I am talking WOT acceleration here, so it is not a throttle mapping thing. I have always found my wife’s V8 S4 to have more mid-range torque when just accelerating from top gear compared to my M3. Driving her car the other day, I had the opposite feeling, where now the M3 seems to pull harder in the mid range. I know, it is all very subjective, but the car does feel better and to me that is worth the money . Euro-MDM is really a blast on the street. It allows just enough slip to better enjoy the car while still keeping a decent safety net for that unforeseen moment. It will allow the tail to step out slightly, but you still cannot properly kick the tail out or do a “drift” since it will intervene to bring the tail back in. So for real tail out fun, you still need to turn DSC off . For quick accelerations, Euro-MDM seems much better calibrated and allows just enough wheel spin for a good launch . To paraphrase Tiff, it now really is the "Goldilocks" setting. Experiencing Euro MDM makes you realize how much we are getting short changed regarding MDM in North-America.

At the track
The car performed flawlessly with the tune. No noticeable increases in temperature and no faults. Again here, the car sounds more aggressive than before. I have the MPE, and it sounded very bassy at low revs and sang a very sweet music in the upper revs . The improved sound alone could be worth the tune. The Sport throttle mapping, which I use at the track, also felt very linear, precise and predictable. The increased redline to 8600RPM is probably the feature I enjoyed the most . It proved very useful to fully enjoy the entire power band of the engine. With the stock redline, I had to shift around 8200RPM to avoid hitting the limiter (I shift mostly by ear). Now I can aim for 8400RPM without the limiter cutting-in and the engine seems happy to be able to stretch its legs. It is not obvious to assess or feel if there is additional power at the track since there are so many other things to pay attention to. The car feels strong pulling out of corners and data logging shows that I was averaging 2-4mph faster at the end of the back straight (130-135mph range). But I also installed an underdrive pulley, so it not obvious to figure how much is coming from the pulley or the tune (or the cool weather). On that weekend, we had a mix of weather conditions, so I was able to experiment with street tires (PSS) and R-comps (NT01) on both wet and dry tracks. I run a square setup for my track tires, so I was curious to see how Euro MDM would react to them. Euro MDM was great on the wet track with both the street tires and R comps. It would allow more slip than the standard MDM while maintaining the peace of mind of a safety net. I had an incident on a wet track a few years ago; so I am now too chicken to run with the nannies off when there is water accumulation on the track. Euro MDM was very welcome for the wet track. However, on the dry track, I still found it way too intrusive with either tire to fully appreciate the limits of the car. If you want to trail brake, throttle steer and slide the car into position, DSC off is still the way to go. Further, after a few laps with MDM on the dry track, I could feel my brakes getting weaker. IMO, an indication that they were applied more than what I expected (I did not see the DSC light flash that much in the cluster). Turning DSC off brought back the brakes.

So overall I am very satisfied with the tune and code and would definitely recommend it. As many have said, it is the way the car should have come from the factory. Now reading all those cool reviews about the BPM DCT tune, it seems I will have to spend more money .

Thanks Mike and BPMSport . (Posted on 10/20/14)
BPM - Just Do it! Review by Frank
Just treated my car to the Mike Benvo BPM trifecta! It's hard to add to all of the positive reviews already out there but I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts.

Why BPM and Mike Benvo? I was currently running an ESS Version 1 Akrapovic Evo tune on 231E with no complaints or issues. Car ran great and felt strong. I browse the forum a lot and it's hard to ignore all of the great feedback about Mike and his tune- it's like a dark force slowly pulling you in. More importantly for me however is how much Mike is engaged and passionate about his product and customers. You can just tell he settles for nothing less than perfection and that suits my personality spot on. His recent addition of the servo and DCT tuning compelled me to switch over with no hesitations.

I did the engine tune and servo on one day and added the DCT tune the following day. Car feels freakin' fantastic! The combination of all three just made my car better in all aspects. Engine start up and idle are so smooth. Throttle response is spot on and the engine pulls and revs with a new urgency and refinement. As stated before, the ESS tune ran great as well but there is something about the BPM tune that just makes the S65 sing! Love the servo tuning, and the DCT software just brought the whole package together. It's something you have to experience to appreciate and the differences would be instantly recognizable. Just do it- you'll have no regrets.

I can honestly say this is probably the best money I have spent on the car so far in terms of sheer driving pleasure. Can't wait to drive again. Mike takes a diamond and polishes it to new a level of brilliance. Really happy. Thanks Mike! Can't wait to see what BPM does next.

Frank (Posted on 10/20/14)
BPM Sport Tune Stage 1, DCT Tune, and Servotronic Review Review by Kamal
Whats up all. I want to say what a pleasure it's been to work with Mike Benvo and his team at BPM Sport. From the beginning when I'd ask him ridiculous questions about my car's startup to the just a few hours ago while he stayed on the phone via Bluetooth while I opened the car up to WOT, it was a fantastic process. Everything was on time and he and his staff were always accessible (I'm embarrased to say when I was installing the Navigation update, I didn't know we had an extra USB port in the glove box, and his staff sent me a photo of an M3 glovebox to point it out!)
I just had all of this done about 3 hours ago but here are my first thoughts...I'm going to preface this by saying that even though I love cars, I'm not very technically oriented (excuse the layman's descriptions)
1) Stage 1 Tune/DCT: Painless; I have an apple laptop so had to install the virtual PC softare to get the process started. It's a little more involved than PC; actually, Mike waited on my phone while i used the pollo tropical wifi signal to download. I felt obligated to get some chicken since I used their Wifi
-I noticed immediately on startup that the engine sounded a little meaner (I left cold start on), but the idle did not surge up as high as it typically did. It reached a steady level quicker than before. The car also took off a lot smoother without that lurchy feeling that I used to get while the car needed to warm up. (I'll have to test this out in the AM when its been sitting cold for several hours)
I personally like how the car starts in D mode and I can manually switch to S.
2) Servotronic: I LOVE the way the steering handles now. I'm a huge fan of a heavy steering and I never kept the steering on comfort (always sport), but sport feels so much tighter and more focused. This is a godsend.
Overall, very happy and look forward to spending more time with the car when I get off this night shift.
Thanks Mike (Posted on 10/20/14)
BPM SPORT: E92 STAGE-2 TUNE Review by Josh Anderson
I love my E92 but I hate it’s factory performance, for lack of better words, it’s a bitch car when it comes off the lot. Once you begin tuning it becomes a new beast and something that’s actually enjoyable to drive — this is why just 5 hours after taking delivery of my car I was at Mike of BPM Sport’s house getting a tune.

I don’t have exhaust yet, but I will soon, therefore I went straight for the stage 2 — I also had him do the combox retrofit for bluetooth audio and iPhone integration. My car went into production in June of 2010, hitting dealerships in July, therefore I didn’t have the combox that was introduced in September to allow iPod functionality to work with the iPhone 5/5S.

All in all, even with it being dark out, it wasn’t long before we were back on the road. I think it maybe took 2 hours between working and bullshitting; spent some time looking at his cars also.

After all was said and done, we went on a test drive. The car was night and day different, it wasn’t the same car at all. It pulled harder, it was noticeably faster, and the euro-traction control was everything. I also had him do some cool shit like my mirrors auto-fold and windows roll up when I hold the lock button down on the remote.

I still believe my favorite part of the tune is the tighter steering, the factory steering is too loose and doesn’t feel right for the car. When we were working on mine he was talking about how they were the first to ever tune the steering and it was because he shared the same sentiment about how horrible the factory steering was; it just feels right after he worked his magic on it.

If you’re wondering if the tune is worth the price, it 100% is.

He’s really a one-stop shop also, he was able to beat the prices I was getting my carbon parts from BMW for, and even has a place to install them. If you’re looking to do any work on your E90/92/93 M3, I suggest hitting Mike up before proceeding. For more information check out his website at bpmsport.com. (Posted on 10/20/14)
Mike Benvo's software flash Review by jbraslins
To me the biggest improvement was in throttle response at low RPM. It's a lot smoother and very easy to modulate. The initial tip-in on throttle is a lot less jerky, yet strong. I swear it feels like it has more torque down there. If it's a placebo effect at play, I SURE LIKE IT. Overall, it feels as if car pulls from the very bottom to the red line a lot smoother. It just begins to build and builds and builds and builds all the way to the top. Definitely feels a little stronger than before.

He also flashed Euro MDM and Euro M-DCT software. Can't comment on Euro MDM yet, but I will once I get to play with it a little more.

Euro M-DCT feels better. It's hard to explain exactly what is better. Full throttle upshifts definitely feel different in a good way. Smoother yet just as quick. The only thing I don't like about it, it now always defaults to D when going from R/N to D/S. So it's two bumps now for me as I don't go into MDM/S5 right away which is what my (M) button is programmed for.

He also coded a bunch of options for me, made my angel eyes brighter, few other convenience options.

Overall very happy with the whole process. Mike has shipped necessary cable/tools to my favorite installer here in Raleigh, NC and did the whole thing over the internet. Smooth, quick and very convenient.

My installer (Dan Connor @ Bimmer Performance Center) is a Certified BMW Master Technician and is also impressed with Mike. They are a reputable shop. I see a lot of race cars there often for engine work. He had a lot of questions for Mike before he put his seal of approval on this upgrade. Afterwards Dan said: This guy definitely knows his stuff.

Thank you Mike! (Posted on 10/20/14)
E90m BPM tuned in Hong Kong Review by Honzy
There are more relevant places to talk about a tune, but i think this is more appropriate for my experience. The software tuning service is limited in Hong Kong and often dominated by big brands (Evolve, Dinan, etc) simply because they are well known hence local shops have a easier pitch, carry a lower risk, and can more easily demand a premium. We often miss out on niche quality products that are developed by individuals. BPM is one such products, which has zero local vendor representation and a very small market share in the city. The internet and Mike Benvo's dedication to customer service makes the product practically local. Only catch the time zone, as he is in LA, I can only get the tune done during early mornings HK Time.

I've had 2 E90 M3s, DCT and 6MT, both tuned by BPM. Engine tunes are the same - euro stage 1 dev, as both cars were stock. The tune is for 98 octane HK gas and the car feels completely different with the tune. The car feels stronger at low rpms, and smoother all the way thru. I'm not qualified to go into details, but do a search and you will find the technicalities of the tune in the forums. The constantly utilized rev range between 2-5k rpm in the city feels much better with improved throttle response, on AND off power mode. The included servo steering tune was icing on the cake. I felt the original electric steering rack to feel like a video game - like a Logitech steering wheel. All that is gone now and i got the great steering feel from my old E46m back, albeit a much quicker rack with variable ratio. IMO, this is how the car should have been set from the factory. The GTS mDCT tune did wonders for the gear box, at full aggressive mode, gear changes are fast, precise, and accurate. It also became very well mannered in traffic, zero hesitation/indecision between gears 1-2-3.

Many local shops can do coding but BPM also has that service so i did a few customization there too.

all in all a very positive experience and hats off to Mike and the team at BPM for the great products and making it accessible globally. (Posted on 10/20/14)
BPMSport Review Review by anom3
About 10 days ago I purchased the M3 performance tune ( http://www.bpmsport.com/services/tun...bpm-e9x-m.html ).

I am by no means a car fanatic. I will try to describe the differences I noticed in simple mans speak, as that is all I know

A) Idle smoothed out completely. I noticed the car does this sort of:

1000rpm, 1 second, 800rpm, 1 second, 600rpm, stays here thing. Kind of like gradually dropping to where it should be.

B) The car generally has the a "oil has just been changed" feel to it. Except oil was changed about 3K km ago.

C) As many have stated before, there is very noticeable increase in the throttle response in the higher rpm range. Once I cross about 3000-3500rpm, the hand of god is pushing me at the ass.

D) Cold start delete -> Works 100% as advertised. The secondary air pump is no longer activated on cold start.

E) Cold start rpm limiting -> Works 100% as advertised. By the looks of it there is a "2 prong" approach to this. First one is 0C to 75C, then the rpm limit goes up, but not 100%, then there is another step somewhere between 75C and somewhere under 100C. (Mike : Correct?).

F) Top speed limiter removal -> Works 100% as advertised. Enough said!

G) Dealing with Mike was 100% flawless. There was a bit of a delay only because I ordered the Sunday before Memorial day, so my package went out on the Tuesday.

In the name of fairness, my car had 50E prior to the update. The 50E to 240E was actually one of the main reasons I purchased the tune. Before going to bpmsport tune I had asked 2 shops about upgrading my DME... Neither one of them wanted to touch it. My car has a CIC retrofitted so going the ISTA route was out of the question as the software wont allow them to update the car. Knowing that Mike had a fully custom solution (his own cable, his own software) I decided to go with his solution. Worked flawlessly.

So for me, the tune did everything I expected.

Recommended. (Posted on 10/20/14)
BPMsport tune +23hp Review by malaysiantransporter
Mike sent me a replacement .mod file for the one he gave to me earlier to get the car started. The specs I requested were:
full decat:
cold start delete
4500 rpm cold rev limit
8600 rpm warm rev limit
93 octane
removed top speed limiter

As I said in the other thread, dyno's are not my thing, but in the interest of making sure the air fuel ratios are safe across the board the car was strapped onto the dyno on Friday and prior to flashing, pulled off a baseline dyno of 381hp.
I loaded up iFlash, put in the file Mike emailed over and we pulled off 403hp, 404hp, 405hp, very consistent! Therefore I am happy to say we are finally in the 400hp club.

The car did not make more much power below 4k RPM, a personal bugbear of mine since I got the car. Above 4k RPM however, it feels VERY much smoother and there is a tangible increase in urgency. The power does not fade till ~7+k, where the rate of increase of revs tapers slightly continues to pull cleanly till the new warm cut. The increased revcut does not feel like it taxes the engine, and the AFRs are safe through too. As a final piece-de-resistance which I am thrilled about, the car also sounds different after the tune - it has a more aggressive, purposeful tone through the revs.

My engine mods are:
full catless 2.5" resonated x pipe
akra slip on
AA crank pulley

The car is a 2008 DCT.

I strongly recommend working with Mike Benvo. He has provided me exceptional customer service, and his product works well and as advertised. I would happily recommend him and his product to anyone else who is in a similar position. In fixing my car and subsequently supplying me with this tune he has demonstrated good knowledge of the MSS60 DME and the custom flashing process. (Posted on 10/20/14)
Running BPM Tune & DCT Review by Dan Irish
I've had every 3 series BMW since the 1998 e36 sedan. I'm experienced and know the BMW products inside and out. What I didn't know I learned from the guys at BPM Sport when they've unlocked the hidden potential of my cars. Each model is special in its own right and knowing the right options for each customer's driving style is their expertise.

The value they offer is worth every penny and I've always been satisfied with the services provided. I continue to use them for all of my BMWs and have no hesitation in recommending their professional team for your BMW. (Posted on 10/20/14)

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