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Performance Engine Software - BMW E9x M3 - 2007-2013

Performance Engine Software - BMW E9x M3 - 2007-2013

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2014):
There are more relevant places to talk about a tune, but i think this is more appropriate for my experience. The software tuning service is limited in Hong Kong and often dominated by big brands (Evolve, Dinan, etc) simply because they are well known hence local shops have a easier pitch, carry a lower risk, and can more easily demand a premium. We often miss out on niche quality products that are developed by individuals. BPM is one such products, which has zero local vendor representation and a very small market share in the city. The internet and Mike Benvo's dedication to customer service makes the product practically local. Only catch the time zone, as he is in LA, I can only get the tune done during early mornings HK Time.

I've had 2 E90 M3s, DCT and 6MT, both tuned by BPM. Engine tunes are the same - euro stage 1 dev, as both cars were stock. The tune is for 98 octane HK gas and the car feels completely different with the tune. The car feels stronger at low rpms, and smoother all the way thru. I'm not qualified to go into details, but do a search and you will find the technicalities of the tune in the forums. The constantly utilized rev range between 2-5k rpm in the city feels much better with improved throttle response, on AND off power mode. The included servo steering tune was icing on the cake. I felt the original electric steering rack to feel like a video game - like a Logitech steering wheel. All that is gone now and i got the great steering feel from my old E46m back, albeit a much quicker rack with variable ratio. IMO, this is how the car should have been set from the factory. The GTS mDCT tune did wonders for the gear box, at full aggressive mode, gear changes are fast, precise, and accurate. It also became very well mannered in traffic, zero hesitation/indecision between gears 1-2-3.

Many local shops can do coding but BPM also has that service so i did a few customization there too.

all in all a very positive experience and hats off to Mike and the team at BPM for the great products and making it accessible globally.