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Performance Engine Software - BMW E9x M3 - 2007-2013

Performance Engine Software - BMW E9x M3 - 2007-2013

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2014):
About 10 days ago I purchased the M3 performance tune ( http://www.bpmsport.com/services/tun...bpm-e9x-m.html ).

I am by no means a car fanatic. I will try to describe the differences I noticed in simple mans speak, as that is all I know

A) Idle smoothed out completely. I noticed the car does this sort of:

1000rpm, 1 second, 800rpm, 1 second, 600rpm, stays here thing. Kind of like gradually dropping to where it should be.

B) The car generally has the a "oil has just been changed" feel to it. Except oil was changed about 3K km ago.

C) As many have stated before, there is very noticeable increase in the throttle response in the higher rpm range. Once I cross about 3000-3500rpm, the hand of god is pushing me at the ass.

D) Cold start delete -> Works 100% as advertised. The secondary air pump is no longer activated on cold start.

E) Cold start rpm limiting -> Works 100% as advertised. By the looks of it there is a "2 prong" approach to this. First one is 0C to 75C, then the rpm limit goes up, but not 100%, then there is another step somewhere between 75C and somewhere under 100C. (Mike : Correct?).

F) Top speed limiter removal -> Works 100% as advertised. Enough said!

G) Dealing with Mike was 100% flawless. There was a bit of a delay only because I ordered the Sunday before Memorial day, so my package went out on the Tuesday.

In the name of fairness, my car had 50E prior to the update. The 50E to 240E was actually one of the main reasons I purchased the tune. Before going to bpmsport tune I had asked 2 shops about upgrading my DME... Neither one of them wanted to touch it. My car has a CIC retrofitted so going the ISTA route was out of the question as the software wont allow them to update the car. Knowing that Mike had a fully custom solution (his own cable, his own software) I decided to go with his solution. Worked flawlessly.

So for me, the tune did everything I expected.