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DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Performance Software for 2007-2013 BMW M3

DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Performance Software for 2007-2013 BMW M3

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BPMSport DCT Transmission Review Review by WolfeS2K
It has been just over a week since Mike remotely did my DCT software. It flashed brilliantly- no errors or codes. Car started right up. The last time I checked into this over a year ago- other vendors had to physically be there to do this... well not BPMSport.

I wanted to drive on it for several days just to get a good feel before i go into more depth. First and foremost- the car shifts so smooth now. Driving the car everyday, most people don't realize that the DCT can still be a little clunky at times during slow deceleration- not anymore. It drives like butter. It shifts so smooth and quiet during normal shifts that its scary. I would have never thought that software would have changed the characteristics of the DCT so much.

I finally had a chance to take it out and drive it in DCT 5 (I usually keep it in 3 all the time) and lets just say when i shifted to 4th gear- I saw blue lights coming up behind me. The car shifts retarded fast. It's not violent like you might imagine- just silky smooth and beggin' for more.

I've said it before and I'll say it again..."The car should have came like this from the factory." This combined with Euro MDM has put a permanent smile across my face every time my right foot goes down.

The best part about it- you don't have to drive the car hard to feel the difference. You can drive it like a granny and tell immediately how much smoother and quieter it shifts. You would be a fool not to do this! (Posted on 11/6/14)
BPM DCT Review Review by STi Traitor
I have currently had this software for a month now and wanted to give it some time before giving a review. I will first start off with the basics of what I disliked about OEM software, I really do not enjoy the OEM DCT when it comes to downshifting (engaging and disengaging the clutch) at slow speeds and taking turns. I believe this is because since I am not engaging a clutch I seem to feel what a passenger would feel in a MT car. The transmission also seems a bit jolty at times and this is something I have seen in most the DCT M3's that I have driven around so don't come in here saying that something is wrong with my car. Last but no least is the lag in "manual" downshifting when not in D mode, I hate this the most. I have had numerous times where I needed to drop three gears maybe more in a quick time but couldn't get it to that gear like a 6MT could. The lag is annoying!

Now for the meat and potatoes of what you are here for, the BPM software. I am not going to give you a wowo review. I am going to be honest and straightforward. The overall install portion was easy and took about 7 minutes to complete through my BPM OBD tuning cable. This is the same cable I use for my BPM Stage II engine tuning.

I tend to use the S mode in my car just to be a bit more connected with the car. I will say that in S mode I have grown to love settings S3 & S4 with the BPM software. S3 is used for just cruising, the shifts are not aggressive and very very smooth (easy on the clutch in my opinion but still responsive). S4 I have been using for track/spirited driving to achieve smooth and fast shifting up and down without the bucking of a bronco, this shifting is really something in my opinion. S5 & S6 are just scary fast but I don't tend to use them because I think S3 & S4 are the perfect settings. I think the majority of human population always tend to think that bigger numbers are always better but they are not in this situation. For someone like myself who tracks the car often everyone knows that S5 & S6 can be a bit like a bucking bronco. Now where there is nothing wrong with that, when it comes to track days you really don't want anything to cause disturbances to the vehicle in anyway. I would say that S5 & S6 are for the 1/4 mile guys who want extreme shifting as if there is no gear changing. Don't get me wrong, S5 & S6 are fun but I don't use them unless I am just romping the crap out of my car with friends to give them a woo factor or just to get that oh shot feeling when the clutch engages so quickly from the BPM software.

I have tracked my car at the Infamous Nurburgring numerous times and just recently (last Sunday) after having the software and all I can say is WOW! This in my opinion is where the software really shines. I have also noticed this for daily driving as well and it amazes me compared to OEM software. Starting from 5th gear and dropping it down to 2nd there is absolutely no hesitation what so ever, when I mean none I......MEAN......NONE! This is great in my opinion because there were times when I needed a lower gear than planned and the OEM DCT software lagged. This would throw off my times and momentum, no anymore with the BPM software. There have been times where I downshifted so fast that it engaged that gear before it displayed the gear on the cluster. It does all this while still retaining the safety feature of not allowing too low of a gear (I tested that too). The DCT is finally what I expected it to be in the first place when it comes to shifting, we where always faster than manual cars up shifting but now we are even faster than them down shifting more than one gear and this is awesome! I love this the most out of the upgrade but there is more to the BPM software.

I mentioned how I hate the jolt (not severe) of downshifting and while taking turns. With this software I am not going to lie to you and say that it has disappeared but it has GREATLY diminished to the point of non-exsistance. I really do appreciate that for my daily driving from light to light. The car feels almost as if I am actually engaging the clutch now. Another part that I have noticed is when the DCT is cold she is still smooth as butter and initial take offs no longer have that hesitation. The overall performance of the DCT has become much smoother. More great features are that it remembers the sport drive logic mode, it starts in D and the launch control is set at 3500RPM. This in my opinion is great because it allows a smooth launch with minimal loss of rear wheel control. As we all know this is what Mike Benvo and BPM Sport are about! My hat is off to Mike for once again bringing another great product to the people of the M3 community. Thanks Mike for the product and I can't wait for the next item you have in store. (Posted on 11/6/14)
BPM - Just Do it! Review by Frank
Just treated my car to the Mike Benvo BPM trifecta! It's hard to add to all of the positive reviews already out there but I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts.

Why BPM and Mike Benvo? I was currently running an ESS Version 1 Akrapovic Evo tune on 231E with no complaints or issues. Car ran great and felt strong. I browse the forum a lot and it's hard to ignore all of the great feedback about Mike and his tune- it's like a dark force slowly pulling you in. More importantly for me however is how much Mike is engaged and passionate about his product and customers. You can just tell he settles for nothing less than perfection and that suits my personality spot on. His recent addition of the servo and DCT tuning compelled me to switch over with no hesitations.

I did the engine tune and servo on one day and added the DCT tune the following day. Car feels freakin' fantastic! The combination of all three just made my car better in all aspects. Engine start up and idle are so smooth. Throttle response is spot on and the engine pulls and revs with a new urgency and refinement. As stated before, the ESS tune ran great as well but there is something about the BPM tune that just makes the S65 sing! Love the servo tuning, and the DCT software just brought the whole package together. It's something you have to experience to appreciate and the differences would be instantly recognizable. Just do it- you'll have no regrets.

I can honestly say this is probably the best money I have spent on the car so far in terms of sheer driving pleasure. Can't wait to drive again. Mike takes a diamond and polishes it to new a level of brilliance. Really happy Thanks Mike! Can't wait to see what BPM does next.

Frank (Posted on 10/20/14)
Running BPM Tune & DCT Review by Dan Irish
I've had every 3 series BMW since the 1998 e36 sedan. I'm experienced and know the BMW products inside and out. What I didn't know I learned from the guys at BPM sport when they've unlocked the hidden potential of my cars. Each model is special in its own right and knowing the right options for each customer's driving style is their expertise.

The value they offer is worth every penny and I've always been satisfied with the services provided. I continue to use them for all of my BMWs and have no hesitation in recommending their professional team for your BMW. (Posted on 10/20/14)

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