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Performance Engine Software - BMW F90 M5 and G30 5 Series

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Performance Engine Software - BMW F90 M5 and G30 5 Series

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We're happy to offer our remote OBD-II flash performance tune for the S63Tu4, N63, B58, B48, and B38 Motors that are found in 2018-2020 G Models.

We offer the following stages for the F90/G30 5 and 8 Series Models (including Gran Coupe Models):

Both Calibrations include the following changes: -Optimization of Boost & Wastegate Control -Part throttle ignition and full throttle ignition optimization for your octane -Part fueling and full throttle fueling optimizations -Optimization of Torque Management -Optimized Variable Valve Timing & Lift

Optional Features:
-Elimination of cold start routine for quieter and smoother starts
-Selective mapping of throttle response in Normal and Sport modes
-Sport Displays Recalibration (07/2014 Builds and Newer)
-Redline Raise to 7,200 RPM
-Removed Top Speed Limiter


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Custom Performance Changes: Octane Tuning

Changes to startup to reduce noise and vibration with aftermarket exhaust systems.

** ONLY for Vehicles with Modified or Removed Primary Catalyst. **

Add the exhaust *POP/Crackle* heard on downshifts and during over run.

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