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BMW CIC iDrive Navigation Retrofit (2004-2009 BMWs)

BMW CIC iDrive Navigation Retrofit (2004-2009 BMWs)

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2014):
Mike was in the San Diego area this weekend, so I met him after work yesterday. He was kind enough to drive to the dealer in Ontario and pick up the CF piece which was not going to arrive in time and would therefore have forced me to install it myself. No big deal, but awesome customer service when he drove to pick it up and still made it to San Diego at the time we had agreed upon.
I dropped off the car and he went to work. I received a text message about 2 mins telling me he thought the clutch might be slipping and when the last time I had the clutch/trans adaptation relearn procedure done. I let him know BMW had it for scheduled maintenance just before the warranty expired and that I had asked them to do so. Apparently I had very old software (08 time frame, despite having an evolve tune which I really liked). I asked the dealer to check because I had suspected the clutch might be slipping some, but I had never driven another M6, so I didn't have a frame of reference.

3 Hours later he called me with updates letting em know everything was going well and asking if I wanted an engine and transmission tune. I certainly hadn't planned for it as I thought it drove quite well since I had owned it. I purchased it in March '13. It spent 6 months in storage while I deployed. Anyway, I opted to have him put his tunes on the car as he guaranteed it would make a noticeable difference.

I picked her up at 2030, how's that for customer service on a Saturday night?

My first impressions were "Wow". The CIC unit looked and worked great. The new CF face plate which had recently doubled in price looked awesome and hit perfectly with the stock HVAC controls. The CIC operation is exponentially faster and smoother than the older CCC.

Overall, Mike was very responsive to text messages and phone calls and provided excellent customer service. The CIC retrofit is certainly not a cheap mod, but absolutely worth doing if you intend to keep the car for a few years. Having the CIC retrofit done may even extend the time you choose to keep the car because it updates the single largest concern I had with the M6 in the first place.