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2007-2013 M3 Performance Package (Tune + DCT)

2007-2013 M3 Performance Package (Tune + DCT)

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2014):
Just treated my car to the Mike Benvo BPM trifecta! It's hard to add to all of the positive reviews already out there but I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts.

Why BPM and Mike Benvo? I was currently running an ESS Version 1 Akrapovic Evo tune on 231E with no complaints or issues. Car ran great and felt strong. I browse the forum a lot and it's hard to ignore all of the great feedback about Mike and his tune- it's like a dark force slowly pulling you in. More importantly for me however is how much Mike is engaged and passionate about his product and customers. You can just tell he settles for nothing less than perfection and that suits my personality spot on. His recent addition of the servo and DCT tuning compelled me to switch over with no hesitations.

I did the engine tune and servo on one day and added the DCT tune the following day. Car feels freakin' fantastic! The combination of all three just made my car better in all aspects. Engine start up and idle are so smooth. Throttle response is spot on and the engine pulls and revs with a new urgency and refinement. As stated before, the ESS tune ran great as well but there is something about the BPM tune that just makes the S65 sing! Love the servo tuning, and the DCT software just brought the whole package together. It's something you have to experience to appreciate and the differences would be instantly recognizable. Just do it- you'll have no regrets.

I can honestly say this is probably the best money I have spent on the car so far in terms of sheer driving pleasure. Can't wait to drive again. Mike takes a diamond and polishes it to new a level of brilliance. Really happy Thanks Mike! Can't wait to see what BPM does next.