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BMW F20 2011+

  1. BMW Feature Coding and Programming (F & G-Series, 2009-2022)

    BMW Feature Coding and Programming (F & G-Series, 2009-2022)


    Remote coding is one of the fastest, and cheapest ways to unlock the potential hidden within your BMW. From Angel Eye brightness to coding race seats a remote coding session is the easiest way to unlock those hidden features and solve/suppress unwanted error codes.

    Below you can configure your own coding session with one of our professional coders. The options are endless and the list of categories is just the tip of the iceberg.  Please see our coding list here for a list of features we offer with our coding service: http://www.bpmsport.com/FCoding.pdf

    Categories of coding:
    • Lighting related 
    • Airbag & restraint related 
    • Car access related 
    • iDrive related 
    • Cluster related 
    • Performance related

    Minimum Computer Requirements:
     • Laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor: i3, i5, or i7

    Coding includes:
    • Analysis of error codes 
    • Optional clearing of error codes 

    **NOTE** Your computer must have an Ethernet port or you must have a USB to Ethernet adapter to use this cable.

    If you have previously purchased our Feature Coding Service, but your vehicle has been flashed back to its stock features, you can purchase a re-coding for $200

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  2. BPM F-Series Coding Cable

    BPM F-Series Coding Cable


    OBDII Cable for coding: This cable is the same cable that we send to our customers for coding sessions. Whether you need a replacement cable or your just a hobbyist and are brave enough to take a peek around the internals of your car this cable will allow you to do just that. 

    Cable can help you code and read information from your car:
    • Analysis of error codes 
    • Optional clearing of error codes 
    • Airbag & restraint related 
    • Lighting related
    • Car access related 
    • iDrive related 
    • Cluster related 
    • Performance related

    Ships with: 
    • OBDII to Ethernet cable 
    • Drivers (Download link, thumbdrive or CD/DVD)


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  3. Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Activation

    Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Activation


    We offer remote Sirius activation for vehicles with the 693 option. The activation will enable Sirius Satellite radio for vehicles 2010+ with the proper preparation from the factory. The remote activation also includes a one-year subscription to Sirius for newly activated radios. The activation is performed remotely and we'll provide the necessary download links. The overall process should take a little under an hour. If you're unsure on whether your car has option 693, please contact us. NOTE: Satellite Ready Vehicles: 1 Series (E82/E88) w/ Nav (SA609) - Vehicle Production Date 09/09~ 3 Series (E9X) w/ Nav (SA609) - Vehicle Production Date 09/09~ Z4 (E89) w/ Navigation (SA609) - Vehicle Production Date 09/09~ X5 (E70) - Vehicle Production Date 10/09~ X6 (E71) - Vehicle Production Date 10/09~ 5 Series GT (F07) - SOP & Later 7 Series (F01/F02/G11/G12) - 09/09~ 1-Series (F20/F21) 3-Series (F3X, Gxx) 4-Series (F3X, Gxx) 5-Series (F1X, Gxx) 6-Series (F1X) 8-Seres (Gxx) M3 & M4 (F8X) X1 (F48) X3 (F25,G01) X4 (G02) X5/X6 (F15/F16/F85/F86) X7 (G07) Mini Cooper 2012-2017 Once you place an order for this, we will place an order with BMW for the satellite radio activation code which will be uploaded to your vehicle. Once this code is received from BMW, your order is NOT REFUNDABLE.

    If you do not have an Ethernet port on your laptop, you can purchase a USB to Ethernet adapter online. E series vehicles may use MAC or PC and only require a standard USB port for connecting to the vehicle. If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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  4. BMW iDrive Navigation Retrofit (2015 NBT or 2018 EVO Spec)

    BMW iDrive Navigation Retrofit (2015 NBT or 2018 EVO Spec)


    Upgrade your Older Non Nav or Non Bluetooth Streaming Enabled System to the Next Best Thing with all those features and more! Our Kit Includes: • Headunit Hardware with 200GB Internal Drive and Software • Replacement HD Display 8.8" (10" for 5 and 7 Series) • Latest maps available for your region • Full Retrofit coding Features : • DVD Playback • High Definition Display • Hard Drive based Navigation System • 3-Dimensional Maps View • Satellite Imagery • Satellite Radio Hardware (USA Only) • HD Radio (USA Only) • Bluetooth Streaming • Full and Split Screen View • 2023 Maps Preloaded • Integrated App Functions (BMW Apps) • Voice Control All of our units ship pre-activated and encoded/programmed for your VIN #. This means no external wiring harnesses or emulators, or any wire cutting or splicing of any kind! The system will not function correctly in any other vehicle but yours after pre-programming is completed. Learn More
  5. CIC iDrive Controller

    CIC iDrive Controller


    Out of stock

    OEM CIC iDrive Controllers * Limited Inventory * This is perfect for you if you're looking for: • CIC iDrive Controller Replacement • CIC iDrive Controller Upgrade for the CCC iDrive System (Coding May Be Required) Please Note: It is advised to purchase a trim piece in order to properly fit the controller to your vehicle. Please email us with your VIN and we can quote you for the trim piece(s). These iDrive controllers are used, but are in MINT condition. Each controller has been tested prior to shipping out. Learn More
  6. Bavsound Stage I Speaker Upgrade

    Bavsound Stage I Speaker Upgrade



    Replaces every speaker in your BMW (except subs), and includes absolutely everything you need except basic tools (which you won't need if you have one of our authorized dealers complete the installation).

    You get great sound with just the Stage One because it was designed from the ground up to maximize the performance of the rest of your audio system - all by itself. 

    So there's no need to buy anything else (such as amps, wiring, or a new head unit).

    100% Plug-and-Play and does not require any modifcation to fit and install the speakers. Fits exactly as if it came from the factory with an overall improved sound.


    Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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  7. Performance Engine Software - BMW F2x/F3x/F4x 2, 3 and 4 Series

    Performance Engine Software - BMW F2x/F3x/F4x 2, 3 and 4 Series


    We're happy to offer our remote OBD-II flash performance tune for the N20/N26/N55 and B46/B48/B58 Motors found in the 2, 3 and 4-Series vehicles.

    We offer the following with our performance tune: - Optimization of Boost & Wastegate Control - Part throttle ignition and full throttle ignition optimization for your octane - Part fueling and full throttle fueling optimizations - Optimization of Torque Management - Horsepower & Torque Meter Calibration (for equipped vehicles) Optional Features: - Elimination of cold start routine for quieter and smoother starts - Removed Top Speed Limiter Learn More