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2005-2010 M5 & M6 Performance Package (Tune + SMG Software)

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2005-2010 M5 & M6 Performance Package (Tune + SMG Software)

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BPM Sport was created to provide the best ECU coding, tuning and performance engineering for the European car market. Our combined expertise ranging from IT engineering, market analysis, to race- proven cockpit experience, fuels our passion for cars. Our goal is to help envision, create and tune the best aftermarket vehicles for our clientele.

We offer two stages of Performance E6x M5/M6 Software:
Stage I is designed for lightly modified or stock vehicles without changes to the primary catalysts.
Stage II is tailored to vehicles that have changes to the primary cats – such as high flow cats, test pipes, catless primaries, headers, etc..

We include the latest DME software (160E) update to ensure you are on the latest engine software version from BMW. You may benefit from the factory software update alone.

Both stages include user selectable options:
• Selective mapping of throttle response in Normal and Sport modes
• Raised raise to 8,500 or 8,600 RPM (Stock is 8,250 RPM)
• Top speed limiter raise or removal (Stock is 155mph)
• Elimination of cold start routine for quieter and smoother starts
• Cold Start Rev Limit reduction 4,500 to keep the engine healthy
• Suppression of the Increased Emissions warning for exhaust changes

Both stages include our standard changes:
• Vanos changes for optimal driveability characteristics and power delivery
• Part throttle ignition and full throttle ignition optimization for your octane
• Part fueling and full throttle fueling optimizations
• Optimization of torque management parameters

Features can be picked independently and tailored to your specification.

The price of the tune includes our specialty designed tuning cable and BPMFlash software. The software and cable are extremely easy to use, and we’re happy to provide remote support over the computer or phone. The cable and software can be used at any time.

Performance gains:
• Stage II M5's have been dyno'd at 30+ RWHP over stock

Our SMG Software will:
• Removes the "clunky" programming' that is fitted from the factory on all North American spec vehicles
• Euro Spec software is considerably smoother in Drive and Sport Modes
• 4,100 RPM Launch Control
• Quicker shifts in higher drivelogic modes
• Updates you to the latest transmission software

Ships with:
• Tuning cable pre-coded with custom tune embeded
• Tuning software download link
• Installation Guide

Every tune includes:
• Tuning cable mated to your car
• Reprogrammed torque management parameters
• Reprogrammed Vanos control for maximum drivability
• Smoother engine operation
• Tuning software download link
• Installation Guide
• A custom tailored tune with the following below:

Region the vehicle is from.

Model/Chassis of the vehicle.


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Enhance your SMG III Experience with Euro SMG Software.

Custom Performance Changes: Octane Tuning

Changes to Startup for Additional Safe Guards and Smoothness.

For vehicles with headers or changes to the primary Catalysts

Add Coding Services (Such as european traction control) at a discounted rate

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Created with extensive research and testing of the ECU the upgrade transforms power and drivability. Developed with 100's of hours of dyno testing, datalogging and endurance testing we deliver more torque on a stock vehicle while retaining maximum safety margins.
Through careful remapping of the factory BMW DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, VANOS position and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains.

We also rework the torque calculations correctly to give consistent power. The latest version of our ECU flash has been thoroughly developed and gives an actual gain in performance rather than just a quoted figure. The result is a car that feels far sharper and pulls harder through the rev band.

How it works:

1. Install the supplied software on your laptop (Windows XP/Vista/7)
2. Connect the cable to your OBD-II port and read your ECU into a file.
3. Email us the file
4. We tune the file, email it back and you use the BPMSport cable to load the new tune back into your vehicle. You can replace your original/tune file at will, and of course if you add modifications in the future, you use the same process to load on the new file we send you.


• Easily reprogram your vehicle to our performance software and back to stock
• Read and Clear Fault Codes and Check Engine Lights

BPMSport E60 M5 Tuned w/ SMG Software

BPMSport E60 M5 Speedo Video

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