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  1. Harrop TVS1740 E9X Supercharger Kit

    Harrop TVS1740 E9X Supercharger Kit


    Designed and manufactured by Harrop to OE standards specifically for the E9X M3, utilising latest generation Eaton TVS supercharger technology.
    Installation is of OE appearance and fitment leveraged from designing and supplying OE customer supercharger programs including Ford and Lotus.

    How is this product different from other supercharger kits?
    - Worlds First Positive Displacement SC for the S65 engine
    - World first front inlet front drive Eaton TVS1740 Supercharger
    - Latest intercooler system technology
    - Unique electronic bypass actuation control
    - OE appearance and operation

    Features Included:
    - Electronic By-Pass: Electronic Boost (by-pass valve) control is a world first for aftermarket positive displacement supercharger kits
    - Bolt-On Installation: Installation is of OE appearance and fitment leveraged from designing and manufacturing OE customer supercharger programs, including Ford and Lotus. No cutting or irreversible modifications required.
    - World's First FDFI1740: The R1740 supercharger is the latest displacement release rotating assembly by Eaton that is destined for an OE platform.
    - Optimal Efficiency: Initial Development was based around the R1320 supercharger, but deemed too small once the R1740 was known to be available.
    - Cylinder Fill: The supercharger outlet position is located in the center of the supercharger plenum. This in combination with a large plenum volume and two high fin density intercooler cores ensures that air distribution in the manifold is uniform. 

    BPMSport is proud to be a US distributor and Calibration partner with Harrop Engineering.

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  2. Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit (BBK)

    Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit (BBK)


    BRAKE KIT DESCRIPTION: Look no further than the Harrop Ultimate Kit to satisfy the demands of serious street and track enthusiasts. The 2 piece rotor and caliper design pushes the boundaries of extreme braking to achieve world class performance with independently tested 100 km/h – 0 stopping distances less than 35m. WHY DO I NEED TO UPGRADE?:
  3. If you have fitted a wheel/tyre package that has an effective diameter greater than standard, the brake effectiveness is reduced. The force required on the rotor to slow the car increases by approximately 8% per 50mm increase in effective tyre diameter. This means the driver needs to push harder on the pedal to stop, and results in increased rotor and pad wear.
  4. ABS, ESC/DSC or EBD can't help you under brake fade conditions. The OEM brake systems are designed exclusively for road use and tested to comply with ADR 31/01, which prescribes a fade and recovery test, hot performance where the car is braked from a maximum of 120km/h to 60km/h 15 times with 45 seconds between each brake application. The vehicle must then pass an ordinary performance test” and achieve 75% of the initial cold test result.
  5. If you use your car for any track work, you'll be driving at much higher speeds; with much less recovery time and braking many more times than the ADR test. The OEM brake system just isn't required or designed to cope with this. The vehicle has increased Power and Torque due to other modifications such as Harrop superchargers and camshaft, intake and exhaust upgrades. The faster you can accelerate, the less time you will have to decelerate.
  6. FEATURES: Front Rotors: 381mm (15"), 48 vane directional rotors, 32mm (1.26") thick, 24 slots (standard) Rear Rotors: 356mm (14"), 36 vane directional rotors, 28mm (1.1") thick, 24 slots (standard) Front Calipers: 6 Piston lightweight aluminium calipers Rear Calipers: 4 Piston lightweight aluminium callipers Misc: Stainless steel brake lines, Caliper brackets (2), brake pads (8), bolts, washers & mounting hardware VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE: BMW E9X M3 & E82 1M Calipers available in red, yellow, black & silver Min 19” wheel size required 18" wheel size compatible with Forgeline GA3R & GA1R Sweep profile template available to confirm wheel suitability Note: Images are for illustration purposes only Learn More