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Performance Engine Software - BMW F10/F12 M5/M6 - 2012-2017

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Performance Engine Software - BMW F10/F12 M5/M6 - 2012-2017

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We're happy to offer our remote OBD-II flash performance tune for the S63tu Motor that is found in 2012+ M5's & M6's.

Breaking News Product Release! As of 12/8/2017, you no longer have to send your DME's in for programming. Our Tune can be loaded from the comfort of your own home without opening the hood. Because of this new capability, we are including the programming cable with your order, AND discounting the software down to $1,499 for this introductory period.

We offer the following stages for the F10/F11/F12/F13 M5 and M6 (including Gran Coupe Models):

Stage I Calibration for vehicles with the stock downpipes
Stage II Calibration for vehicles with "catless" downpipes, HFC downpipes, etc.

Both Calibrations include the following changes:
-Optimization of Boost & Wastegate Control
-Part throttle ignition and full throttle ignition optimization for your octane
-Part fueling and full throttle fueling optimizations
-Optimization of Torque Management
-Optimized Variable Valve Timing & Lift

Optional Features:
-Suppression of the Increased Emissions Warning (Stage II Only)
-Elimination of cold start routine for quieter and smoother starts
-Selective mapping of throttle response in Normal and Sport modes
-Sport Displays Recalibration (07/2014 Builds and Newer)
-Wastegate Rattle Fix (Stage II Only)
-Redline Raise to 7,200 RPM
-Removed Top Speed Limiter

Stage I Software gains are between ~70-110 HP & 90-130 ft. lbs. of torque!

Stage II Software gains are between ~90-130HP & up to 150 ft. lbs of torque!

Turn your M5 in to a 700+ Horsepower beast with BPM Sport Engine Software!
Please note, Stage II software is for OFFROAD use only!

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Changes to startup to reduce noise and vibration with aftermarket exhaust systems.

For vehicles with catless downpipes or high flow catalysts only

Add the exhaust *POP/Crackle* heard on downshifts and during over run.

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Recommended to Replace with over 30K miles, or Stage II tunes

Recommended Replacements for 2012 and 2013 Vehicles

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Please contact us if you have any questions.

Email: info@bpmsport.com

Here's a few videos of our F10 M5's on the dyno!

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