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  1. BMW Feature Coding and Programming (E-Series, 2000-2013)

    BMW Feature Coding and Programming (E-Series, 2000-2013)


    Remote coding is one of the fastest, and cheapest ways to unlock the potential hidden within your BMW. From Angel Eye brightness to coding race seats a remote coding session is the easiest way to unlock those hidden features and solve/suppress unwanted error codes.

    Below you can configure your own coding session with one of our professional coders. The options are endless and the list of categories is just the tip of the iceberg. **NOTE** This service includes European MDM (Euro Spec Traction Control) for BMW M3, M5, and M6 Models.  

    Please see our coding list here for a list of features we offer with our coding service: http://www.bpmsport.com/BPMCoding.pdf

    Categories of coding:
    • Lighting related 
    • Airbag & restraint related 
    • Car access related 
    • iDrive related 
    • Cluster related 
    • Performance related

    Minimum Computer Requirements:
     • Laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo: i3, i5, i7

     Coding includes:
    • Analysis of error codes 
    • Optional clearing of error codes 

    If you have previously purchased our Feature Coding Service, but your vehicle has been flashed back to its stock features, you can purchase a re-coding for $200

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  2. Specific Coding/Programming Session

    Specific Coding/Programming Session


    This is a more advanced session that may include programming or encoding control units. Make sure that you have spoken with a BPMSport representative prior to checking out on the website. A coding cable is required for us to connect to the car remotely. You will also need a fairly recent laptop with an internet connection where the vehicle is located. Download links to our diagnostics tools will be sent to you after the order is processed. Learn More
  3. Consulting Session

    Consulting Session


    A consulting session via phone with our expert to discuss logistics of a custom build project. Learn More
  4. DME/ECU Unlock

    DME/ECU Unlock


    Unlocking Service for MEVD17.x DME Family for OBD Flashing with New Bootloader. The BMW S55/N55 powered vehicles with the Bosch MEVD17.2.x DME require a one-time bench flash to unlock OBD writing. The service is a 1 day turnaround and requires that you either mail in, or bring your ECU to BPM for modification. Once it has been bench flashed, OBD flashing can be utilized. No physical modifications to the control unit are performed. The control unit is never opened, drilled, or unsealed and will visibly look untouched. Learn More