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E9X M3 Performance Engine Software Stage II Tune + AA Test Pipes (Package Deal)

E9X M3 Performance Engine Software Stage II Tune + AA Test Pipes (Package Deal)

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BPMSport Stage II + ACM Exhaust + ACM Test Pipes Review Review by Warrot
I’m the second owner of the car and up to this point, I’ve been so happy with the M3. Back in November, I had to replace what looked like the original battery. Things kind of escalated from there. Since I had to get the battery reset anyway, I figured I’d get the car coded for a few things I thought were cool (ability to roll up windows with key fob, 1/8 low gas warning, ect…). I went with Mike at BPMSport because of his great reputation around the forum. Was extremely happy with his service, he was very quick and was very accommodating to my schedule. While coding my car, he informed me I was running one of the earliest software levels he’s ever seen! Obviously not a good thing, but at that point though, I was not ready to commit to a tune yet as I knew the mod bug would win sooner or later and I’d be purchasing test pipes. Have to take advantage of SC not having state inspections!

ACM test pipes:
A couple of months roll by and the mod bug bit with a vengeance. I bought my OEM ZCP wheels from [email protected] (private sale) and was also very impressed with how quick he shipped everything. I knew I could trust him. Unfortunately for me, I saw their group buy for their brand new ACM test pipes. I did hours and hours of research on test pipes, and their prices were unbeatable. Sal gave me an excellent price, and even held a set for me because I had to do a few things to my car before being able to buy them.

The test pipes themselves went on the car with no issues at all. The car was in and out of the exhaust shop in well under an hour. At this point, it is paired with an OEM exhaust mod (ACM/bypass method, louder method). It’s biblically loud. Since the M3 is not weekend car, I thought I’d give this setup a shot before deciding if I want to change to another muffler. It’s loud and raspy, although not S54 levels raspy. The sound reminds me of a NASCAR. The effects were very obvious though. Driving the car home, I could definitely feel the power gained from the TP’s alone.

BPMSport Stage II:
When it was time for me to buy TP’s, I was going to go with either ESS or BPM. I think both companies are great and everyone that has their tunes seem pretty happy with everything. I went with BPMSport for a few reasons:
- I got the cables for a very good deal from a forum member (Thanks Jay!)
- I’ve already worked with Mike before and was more than comfortable with him working on my car.
- The reviews don’t lie. Although I was somewhat skeptical on what a tune can do, people swore by BPM.

That same day I had my ACM test pipes installed, Mike was able to work on my car even though his day was pretty booked. First step was to update my ancient software to 240E, and then load the tune. I think it took him less than 20mins to do everything.

My tune:
-93 octane
-Launch control at 3500RPM. My car is a 6MT. Doubt I’ll ever use it, but cool conversation piece hahaha
-Cold start delete
-Rev limited while oil is cold

The end result is shocking. Paired with the TP’s, the car feels like a completely different animal. As I said, I was skeptical that a tune and cat-delete can make such a huge difference, but it sure did. The most impressive thing for me is the huge bump in the midrange. I’ve always felt like there was a dead spot between 2k-4.5k RPM, then the car kind of takes off. Was it because my software was prehistoric? Maybe.I feel like I don’t have to downshift as often to get going. I'd also like to mention how much smoother the car. Either way, I can’t say enough about how much I love driving my car even more now.

Something hilarious happened to me the other day. I was sitting at a light and thought I'd try Power in Sport+ for the first time with all the mods I just got. The car took off so fast and aggressive I nearly lost grip of the steering wheel. The M3 has NEVER done that before. That made me laugh for a while. Completely worthless as it's way too aggressive for normal driving, but it'll definitely make your day more entertaining!

Amazing what ~$1200 can do to this car. Please note that this car is one I plan to keep for years. She’s not leased and is my dream car. While it’s all dandy that my car now feels like a lion that just took a wasabi challenge, reliability and safety was a big priority for me. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the services/products that ACM and BPM provide. You read reviews about these guys all the time, and from my experience, all the postive comments are absolutely spot on. (Posted on 10/20/14)

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