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  1. Bavsound Stage I Speaker Upgrade

    Bavsound Stage I Speaker Upgrade



    Replaces every speaker in your BMW (except subs), and includes absolutely everything you need except basic tools (which you won't need if you have one of our authorized dealers complete the installation).

    You get great sound with just the Stage One because it was designed from the ground up to maximize the performance of the rest of your audio system - all by itself. 

    So there's no need to buy anything else (such as amps, wiring, or a new head unit).

    100% Plug-and-Play and does not require any modifcation to fit and install the speakers. Fits exactly as if it came from the factory with an overall improved sound.


    Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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  2. BMW CCC/CIC/NBT Nav System iDrive Replacement

    BMW CCC/CIC/NBT Nav System iDrive Replacement


    Has your unit failed and are you looking for a Navigation System Replacement?

    Symptoms of a failing unit:
    - No radio, navigation, or any other functionality via iDrive
    - iDrive knob spins freely
    - Menu and voice command buttons do nothing
    - A forced reboot (CD eject-DVD eject-mute button) does cause a reboot, but the system still freezes at the "BMW" screen
    - Your Phone still thinks it's paired with the car (but doesn't work)
    - All other dash, HUD, and vehicle functionality (clock, speed, messages, etc.) works as expected

    We carry replacements for the following types of units: CCC (2004-2009) including MASK and CHAMP- CIC (2009-2013) E Series Vehicles, and F Series NBT(2013-2016) F Series Vehicles Only.

    Normally we perform pre-programming at our facility and then finalize the programming with a remote programming session once you receive the replacement.

    If you discussed complete pre programming with a BPMSport Representative prior to you order, you would simply unplug your original iDrive unit and plug in the new one.

    Our CCC/CIC/NBT iDrive replacement only includes the iDrive unit. This product does NOT include a display, iDrive controller, or wiring. If you're interested in retrofitting the CIC unit (and your vehicle is currently equipped with a CCC), visit the following link: CIC Retrofit

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 888-557-5133 so we can clairfy BEFORE ordering! Thank you! 

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  3. Combox Retrofit (Bluetooth Streaming)

    Combox Retrofit (Bluetooth Streaming)


    With our Combox retrofit, drivers are now given a variety of exciting features offered outside the CIC Unit. Our Combox Retrofit makes daily drives more pleasant and convenient by allowing drivers to connect and stream music to their vehicle via Bluetooth, internet access and more! We have retrofitted hundreds of OEM combox units across the world and we stand by the quality of our service.

    Our Combox Retrofit offers the following:  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming  • Album Art Cover  • Office Menu  • New Version of Voice Control  • Standard Feature Coding is included Our Combox Retrofit Kit ships with:  • Combox Media  • Combox MOST Terminator  • Plug-and-Play Harness (avoids splicing of wires) Does NOT come with the proper K+DCAN coding cable! A coding cable is required! Learn More

  4. PDC - Retrofit (Park Distance Control)

    PDC - Retrofit (Park Distance Control)


    With Park Distance Control, entering or leaving the tightest parking space becomes much easier. An acoustic warning signal accompanied by a visual representation lets you know how close you are to the car or object behind you. This retrofit kit comes with all parts required to install the rear PDC in your BMW vehicle. You can also choose the front PDC or the front and rear PDC options below.

    The PDC Retrofit includes:
    • PDC control unit
    • Four PDC sensors
    • Retrofit wiring
    • A coding session (specific to enabling PDC)
    • Installation instructions

    The PDC control unit and the PDC sensors are used, but in a very good condition. The sensors will be painted for your vehicle to match the OEM color. Learn More