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APE E85 Flex Fuel Module E9x M3

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The APE Flex Fuel Module for E9x M3 is full bolt on and gives your vehicle full flex fuel capability, meaning that right out of the box you can run gas, E85, or any blend seamlessly without the need to tune or switch maps. Unlock your M3's hidden power by running E85!

What comes in the box:
-Fuel composition sensor
-Fuel line adapters
-Control module
-Wiring harness and Flex Fuel badge
-Installation guide

Pair this system with a BPM tune for maximum performance!


What does the APE X85 Flex Fuel Module do?

Unlock your M3s hidden power by running E85! Our dyno testing has shown this module to gain 34rwhp on a stock M3 when running E85 over 91 octane. We have worked closely with APE to develop software in conjunction with this module to get your modded M3 to the 400whp mark! The Alternative Performance Engineering X85 Flex Fuel Power Module allows you the choice of using gasoline, ethanol or any mixture of both in your vehicle. This product is simple to install and requires minimum technical proficiency. It does not alter the stock ECU or any manufacturer’s equipment on your vehicle and can be removed at any time and transferred to another vehicle. The X85 works by measuring the ethanol content of the fuel to determine how much additional fuel is needed to maintain the equivalent stoichiometric ratio of the gas that the vehicle normally runs. The X85 intercepts the fuel injector signals from your factory ECU and extends the fuel injector pulses as appropriate. The factory ECU will not notice any change and your vehicle should run as normal.

•Plug and Play Flex Fuel Conversion Module

•Allows you to run gasoline, E15, E85, E98 or any mixture of the three

•Dynamically adjusts fuel injector pulses based on ethanol content measured in the fuel

•IOS and Android apps available for configuring system and real time monitoring of fuel injector duty cycle and ethanol content of fuel via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

•1 year warranty

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