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TC Kline Racing

  1. TC Kline E82 1M/E9X M3 Single Adjustable Coilover Kit

    TC Kline E82 1M/E9X M3 Single Adjustable Coilover Kit


    With this kit, you can adjust rebound externally front and rear plus have the added benefits of ride height adjustability (up to two inches). This TC Kline Racing Coilover System includes proprietary valved KONI single rebound adjustable shocks and our super trick VVS alloy springs. Unlike other coilover systems, our rebound adjusters and wide range of spring rates enable a true match to your driving needs and preferences. Encompassing both street comfort and track performance, this kit is unsurpassed in its class. This suspension kit includes the following components: (1) 8741-1484LSPTC - TC Kline/Koni Left Front Coilover Strut (1) 8741-1484RSPTC - TC Kline/Koni Right Front Coilover Strut (2) TCKFSXXX - TC Kline VVS Alloy Front Springs (2) 8241-1200Sport - TC Kline/Koni Rear externally adjustable shocks (2) TCKRSXXX.250.10 - TC Kline VVS Alloy Rear Springs (1) TCKRSA - TC Kline Rear Ride Height Adjusters (pair) (2) TCKE90RCR - Delrin Centering Ring for rear ride height adjuster (2) 12mm shock sleeves for upper mounts (1) E9X M3/1M Shock kit (2) Koni Spanner Wrenches (2) Koni Rebound Adjuster Knobs Learn More
  2. TC Kline E82 1M/E9X M3 Double Adjustable Coilover Kit

    TC Kline E82 1M/E9X M3 Double Adjustable Coilover Kit


    Proven on the street and track, this system is unmatched by any other system on the market. TC Kline’s unique Smart Shock technology mated with our VVS alloy springs (see springs) make this ride height adjustable kit the most versatile available. Incorporating separate external compression and rebound adjusters, the shocks can be dialed from street comfort to a full race setup in minutes. These features combined with our complete selection of VVS alloy spring rates make this kit the uncompromising choice for both street comfort and track performance. The Smart Design System is perfect for driving school enthusiasts, autocrossers, club racers, and serious pro racers alike. This kit includes the following: (1) 8711-1125LSPTC - TC Kline Racing / Koni Left front strut (1) 8711-1125RSPTC - TC Kline Racing / Koni Right front strut (2) TCKFSXXX - Pair of front springs in your choice of spring rate (1) TCKE9XShockkit - Spacer sleeves for the Struts and Shocks (2) 8242-1017SPTC - TC Kline Racing / Koni rear shock (2) TCKRSXXX.250.XX - Pair of rear springs in your choice of spring rate (1) TCKE9xRSA - Rear ride height adjusters (1) TCKE9xCamPlate - TC Kline Racing Camber/Caster plates (2) Koni Spanner Wrenchs (2) Koni rebound adjuster knobs *Camber plates are supplied with this kit and are required in order to install this suspension kit. Learn More